I offer to all families of infants/ toddlers, adolescents and adults a comprehensive fully evidenced-based peer-reviewed approach based upon the DIR/Floortime model (Developmental, Individual Processing and Relationship based differences). DIR/Floortime is a fully scientific evidenced-based, peer reviewed neurodevelopmental model that comprehensively and systematically addresses each of your child's functional-emotional developmental capacities or milestones. There are beginning in typical infant/toddler Development six primary core developmental milestones, each which represents a criticial phase or stage that every child must sufficiently integrate before moving up the developmental ladder. Children diagnosed with non-typical development, such as autism spectrum disorder and related developmental challenges can partially to often completely integrate and master as well, once their unique prcoessing differences are properly functionally-emotionally Developmentally engaged. This includes communicating simple to complex use of reciprocal facial and bodily affective gestures; simple use of ideas to more complex symbolic ideational play (i.e., pretend feeding to complex interaction between symbolic play figures which is an integral part of expansive thinking) and peer competent receptive and expressive social pragmatic language.


I consistently guide you and your family during each session to learn how to go to your child’s level and engage your child around his/her natural intent or affective interests. This includes increasingly calm soothing self-regulation to encourage simple back and forth two-way emotional problem solving around your child’s simple requests to expanding complex two-way emotional problem solving engagement. This includes use of spontaneous gestures and words; emerging use of imagination to complex symbolic play ideas and pragmatic communication skills (i.e., begining with single to combined utterances; emerging phrases to full sentence usage). I also regularly consult with developmental psychologists, occupational therapists, oral motor therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists and other professionals where there is required more specific attention to a specific area of concern or challenge. Sessions are conducted in the family setting. For clients where travel time is prohibited due to distance, facetime or skype sessions are offered.   They are also offered separately, in addition to actual family sessions, as an additional point of reference, review and assessment of family implemented skills.  All initial  phone consultations are quite extensive and non-fee based.


Ava Lee-Sherazi, D.D.S.

Dr. Lee-Sherazi is from Baltimore, MD. Her interest in dentistry began after she chipped her tooth in the 8th grade. She was fascinated by how her own dentist had fixed it better than new. In 2003, she graduated from Nameless College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In 2007, she earned her Doctorate in Dental Surgery at World University’s School of Dentistry, where she studied under Dr. Baltas. She specializes in orthodontia and oral surgery and is a member of the 123 Dental Association. During her spare time, she kickboxes and runs with her wife.

Derek Shin, RDH

In 2007, Derek Shin earned his dental hygiene associate’s degree at Untitled Technical College right here in Washington, D.C. He started at Keene Dental in 2008. As a District native, he treats all his patients with the familiarity of a neighbor. He’s passionate about bringing considered, quality care to all people, and devotes a lot of time volunteering his services at free clinics. He loves spending time with his dog and watching science fiction films with his partner.

Maja Peterson , Office Manager

Maja earned her associate's degree in Office Administration at Nameless College. In 2000, she moved to Washington, D.C. with her husband and joined the Keene Dental team. She is a scheduling extraordinaire and prides herself in having developed the system that keeps patient wait time under five minutes. As an interior design enthusiast, she took it upon herself to create an inviting atmosphere for our office. She enjoys rock climbing, painting, and video games.